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Sony release lengthy Death Stranding launch trailer

Kojima Production’s highly anticipated Death Stranding releases next week on 8th November. To celebrate, Sony has released a lengthy launch trailer which we have embedded at the bottom of this article. The eight minute-lo...

PAX 2018: Hands-On Days Gone Preview

The lines for Days Gone at PAX 2018 were massive as Sony had presented it perfectly with temporary fences, a fire in a barrel, and full-size freakers (zombies) hanging upside down. It was a must-play game at PAX 2018, and the S...

Days Gone Release Date & Trailer Revealed

What a journey this game has gone through, from its original reveal at E3 2016 to today where we can finally announce the Days Gone release date. Bend Studios (The Syphon Filter series and Uncharted: Golden Abyss on Vita) and S...