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PS Plus August 2019 Freebies Announced

Sony has announced the PS Plus freebies for August 2019 will include futuristic anti-grav racer WipEout Omega Collection and tactical shooter Sniper Elite 4. Both titles will be available to download from 6th August. WipEout Om...

Sniper Elite 4 Review

Italy. The birthplace of fascism. The last time I blew Italy to pieces was in Just Cause 3, a game which is also a 3rd person shooter, but that’s where the similarities with Sniper Elite 4 end. Sniper Elite 4 is a classic World...

Sniper Elite 4 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Hitler Assassination Mission

Sniper Elite 4 has been afforded its debut gameplay trailer, highlighting the combination of stealth and brutal assaults at your disposal that will be necessary if you wish to survive the combat ravaged WW2 Italian environment....