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Project Cars 3 Review

The Project Cars series has always had something of an identity crisis. While both previous games in the series are good, solid racers, they suffer from wanting to appeal to both the serious sim racer players—the crowd that sub...

Codemasters Goes Slightly Mad With $30M Acquisition

Codemasters has today announced that they have acquired Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios for the cool price of $30 million USD. The company can now add CARS to its already stellar racing line-up of GRID, DIRT, and th...

Project Cars 2 Review

Once again, Tim puts on the racing gear and hops into the newest game from Slightlymad Studios.


E3 2017: Project CARS 2 is Ready To Go Bumper-To-Bumper with Forza (Preview)

Project CARS  was a confident and impressive franchise debut into the simulation racing genre, from developers Slightly Mad Games (previously responsible for the Need for Speed SHIFT series). And I do mean confident – the...

Project CARS 2 Hands-On Impressions

In the last few years crowdfunding of games has surged in popularity, with projects on Kickstarter and its ilk continue to raise higher dollar figures and break records. When Slightly Mad Studios crowdfunded Project CARS back i...
Xbox One

Project CARS

Tim puts on his racing suit and gets behind the wheel of the latest contender to Forza's throne.