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Gamescom 2019: RTX Ray Tracing Trailer Round-Up

Nvidia has today unleashed an array of Gamescom 2019 RTX ‘Ray Tracing On’ trailers for upcoming games such as Watch Dogs Legion, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and more. Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards take advantag...

RTX SYD 2017: Gus from Rooster Teeth Interview

Zach was fortunate enough to not only attend RTX Sydney 2017, but to interview one of the founding father’s of Rooster Teeth, Gus Sorola, to pick his brain on all the exciting things currently going on within Rooster Teet...

RTX Australia Announced

Back in 2012 the fine folks at Penny Arcade announced something many Australian gamers never thought would happen; that they were bringing their premier video game expo PAX down under, being the first PAX to take place outside ...