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ReCore Review

When ReCore was announced at E3 2015 I honestly didn’t know what it was, just that it was from ex-Metroid Prime developers and that I really liked that robot dog. It wasn’t until I got to try it out at E3 this year that I began...

1 Hour Recore Gameplay Video

In an effort to drum up some extra hype ahead of release, Major Nelson and Joseph Staten have hosted a massive 1 hour gameplay stream of Recore, the brand new adventure IP from Armature Studios. The stream shows a big patch of ...

Recore Launch Trailer Released

Recore, Armature Studio and Comcept’s new IP, is coming out next week and to celebrate the imminent launch Microsoft have released a launch trailer to get you hyped. The trailer shows off a bit of what you can expect in R...


E3 2016: Recore Preview

When I saw Microsoft’s showing for Recore at their press conference, I felt like there wasn’t enough shown to really tell how the game would turn out and that it was a bad way to show it off. I had the chance to go hands on wit...

E3 2016: ReCore gameplay trailer released

During their E3 presentation, Microsoft revealed the first gameplay trailer for ReCore. ReCore is an action-adventure game from legendary game creator Keiji Inafune. In the game players are introduced to Joule Adams who leads a...

Xbox Gamescom Briefing Summary – Halo Wars 2, Scalebound, Crackdown 3 and more

In case you weren’t awake to watch the Xbox Gamescom press briefing, we’ve compiled all the news from the event in one handy place!       ReCore, Gears 4 and Sea of Theives are confirmed to be release...


ReCore Coming From Keiji Inafune And Ex-Retro Studios Staff

From the minds behind Mega Man and Metroid Prime, comes ReCore, the new Xbox One exclusive.