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Rare’s next game, Everwild, announced

During Microsoft’s X019 Event the company revealed Rare’s next project will be Everwild. Not much is known about the game, though it appears it will be some kind of action adventure title featuring a variety of anim...

Sea of Thieves PC Review

Sailing the seas, singing shanties, plundering the depths of the ocean and sending your enemies to Davy Jones’ Locker. This always sounded like a fantastic idea and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag proved to me that a pirate adv...

Sea of Thieves Progression System Explained in New Trailer

Rare has today uploaded a video to YouTube explaining the Sea of Thieves progression system called ‘Becoming a Pirate Legend’. The eight minute long video carefully details how to progress through the game, includin...


E3 2017: Sea of Thieves Makes Drunken Sailors Of Us All (Hands-On)

Sea of Thieves is no stranger to E3, having been present for several years, without yet seeing a release. However, the online multiplayer pirate simulator was once again playable on the show floor this year, letting us go hands...

New Sea of Thieves Trailer Demonstrates Resources

Video-game developer Rare has today uploaded a new Sea of Thieves trailer via the official Sea of Thieves Youtube Channel. The trailer runs for almost three minutes and shows off the Sea of Thieves world, while explaining how r...

Staff Roundtable: Favourite Video Game Easter Eggs

Easter eggs have been around in games, for almost as long as the industry has existed, beginning with Atari games in 1978 and hidden messages from programmer. Now a permanent part of the lexicon, these secrets were named for th...

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Rare Replay Xbox One Review

Adam looks back on Rare's gaming catalogue in the Xbox One compilation Rare Replay.

Rare Replay will fix Battletoads Multiplayer

When Microsoft announced Rare Replay at E3, they revealed the title would not just be a standard collection on a disc. Rare Replay will feature interviews, cheats and a rewind feature for selected games. Speaking at Rare’s San ...

Rare makes a comeback at E3 2015

30 Rare classics for Xbox One, and a new IP announced.