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Watch the Official Days Gone TV Spot

Days Gone is just two weeks away so it’s fitting that Sony has today released a 30 second Days Gone TV spot demonstrating what gamers might come up against in the zombie freaker killer survival action exclusive game. The ...

PAX 2018: Hands-On Days Gone Preview

The lines for Days Gone at PAX 2018 were massive as Sony had presented it perfectly with temporary fences, a fire in a barrel, and full-size freakers (zombies) hanging upside down. It was a must-play game at PAX 2018, and the S...

SoulCalibur VI Review – The Soul Still Burns

Transcending history and the world, Tim tells the tale of swords and souls.


PlayStation Hits range announced, discounts selected PS4 games

Today, Sony has announced they will be bringing a PlayStation Hits range to the PS4. Like previous similar iterations on other Sony consoles, the PlayStation Hits branding highlights successful titles that have been released on...

E3 2018: Sneaky E3-goer snaps full Spider-Man Map And It’s HUGE

New York is a big place, so when Insomniac Games took on their new project we were sceptical as to how large they could make the Spider-Man map of Manhattan. Early footage showed a large city in the background, and the E3 2018 ...

E3 2018: Check out the open world E3 Marvel’s Spider-Man Demo

Immediately following the E3 2018 PlayStation press conference, we got to witness one of the best gameplay displays of the show: the open-world E3 Marvel’s Spider-Man Demo. The somewhat cinematic PlayStation Press Confere...


E3 2018: Take a Walk with Death Stranding Gameplay Footage

It’s E3 2018 and we still have no idea how close we are to getting our hands on the highly anticipated Death Stranding, but what we did get at the Playstation Press Conference was some Death Stranding gameplay which will ...

E3 2018: Insomniac Games Demonstrates Spider-Man Gameplay

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Insomniac Games (Ratchet & Clank, Sunset Overdrive) finally demonstrate the amazing new Spider-Man game, arriving exclusively to PlayStation 4 this September. Fans have been itching to see...

E3 2018 AEST Press Conference Schedule

It’s that month of the year again where all the big gaming companies converge on Los Angeles, California to make major announcements and confirm rumours and leaks. This year the rumours and leaks are aplenty, and it looks...


Gran Turismo Sport May Update Arrives Just In Time

With just seconds to spare, the Gran Turismo Sport May update has crossed the finish line and is making its way to a PlayStation 4 console near you. The new Gran Turismo Sport May update includes a new track and eight new cars,...