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1TB PlayStation 4 Australian Release Date Announced

Sony Australia has announced that the brand new 1TB PlayStation 4 console shall be hitting Australian shelves very soon. Dubbed the Ultimate Player Edition, the updated console doubles the storage capacity of the current model....

Sony downgrades forecasts, expects US$1.3billion loss

Exiting the PC business and contracting Blu-Ray sales cost Sony more than it expected.

Sony addresses DualShock 4 ‘wear and tear’ complaints

Sony has issued an official response to claims of early wear and tear on select DualShock 4 controllers. The issue came to light recently on Sony’s community forums where users most commonly reported cases of split rubber and t...


Saturday Gaming News – 31/08/13

A closer look at the 2DS, details about the next-gen consoles, and behind the scenes of Final Fantasy. All in today's gaming news.