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Planet Coaster’s Autumn Update Detailed

Frontier Developments have announced that their ongoing support for Planet Coaster will continue with a massive free update scheduled to release during this Autumn. This is the second major expansion and update to Planet Coaste...

Frontier Developments sues Atari over unpaid royalties

Frontier Developments, developer of Planet Coaster, Elite Dangerous and Screamride, are suing Atari over unpaid royalties, TMZ reports. Frontier is reportedly owed $2.2m in royalties over Atari’s 2004 RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 tit...

Planet Coaster Beta Launching November 9

The Planet Coaster beta launches November 9, allowing fans that have pre-ordered the Thrillseeker edition or purchased the Early Access edition the ability to play it before its official release on November 17. From the makers ...