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Overwatch coming to Switch

As part of this morning’s Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Blizzard will be bringing Overwatch to Nintendo’s system. Rumours of the port have been floating around for the past few months, but the release date h...

Cliffy B Consciously Uncouples from Game Development

In a move that has surprised few, Boss Key Productions has today announced it is shutting down after four years of developing games. Boss Key was founded by Gears of War creator Cliffy B (Cliff Bleszinski) and Arjan Brussee (Gu...

LawBreakers Review

When LawBreakers was originally announced as the first game from new studio Boss Key Productions, Rocket Chainsaw was very excited to see how the game would fit in to the saturated market of online shooters. LawBreakers (previo...


Play Overwatch Free on All Platforms Next Weekend to Celebrate One-Year Anniversary! (UPDATED)

Blizzard Wants You! … to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Overwatch next weekend, and by doing so they are allowing anyone and everyone to try the fast-paced first person shooter for free. The free weekend will comme...

Overwatch Season 3 Rewards Revealed

With just a few days left, Blizzard has today revealed the Overwatch Season 3 rewards. Players will also be rewarded with an icon and a unique spray if they had completed the placement matches. The top 500 players per platform ...

Daily Gaming News – February 2, 2017

All of today's gaming news in returnng-to-Vvardenfell-soon video form!


Daily Gaming News – January 25, 2017

All the gaming news for today, in back-for-2017 video form!

Merch Christmas Gifts Guide

Ever find you know that one person that purchases all the games they want? Or maybe you just want to think outside the box a little and get something a bit different, while still catering to their videogame obsession? Well here...

Overwatch Free Weekend All Platforms – November 19-22

To celebrate the success of BlizzCon 2016 and announcements regarding Overwatch, Blizzard today revealed that there will be an Overwatch free weekend later this month for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The full roster ...


Daily Gaming News – November 8, 2016

All of today's gaming news, in still-got-sore-feet-from-PAX video form!