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New Pokemon GO Event Has Players Chasing Fossils

Award-winning mobile app developer Niantic has announced a new event for Pokemon GO called Adventure Week, which will take place from May 18 to May 25, 2017. During Adventure Week, rock-based Pokemon will be far more common tha...

Pokemon Go Generation 2 Details

Niantic today launched the first major update for Pokemon GO, giving players access to a second generation of Pokemon, as well as other key changes to the massively popular mobile game for Android and iOS. Players will now be a...

Pokemon GO Goes Rural

Today via the official Pokemon GO twitter account, developers Niantic revealed players will have better access to catching Pokemon regardless of where they live. This is great news for players who don’t live in built-up a...


Pokemon GO Plus Launching Next Week in Australia and NZ

Nintendo Australia has announced that the Pokemon GO Plus accessory will officially be launching in Australia and New Zealand on the 16th of September (ie. next Friday). For those that don’t remember, the Pokemon GO Plus ...

Mobius Final Fantasy announced

While the fans await the fast approaching release of Final Fantasy XV, Square-Enix has announced the local release of another new game in the franchise. Mobius Final Fantasy is intended to be ‘the first ever console quali...

Nintendo’s First Mobile App Miitomo Launching In March Worldwide

In their latest fiscal briefing (translations via Vooks) Nintendo have provided us with an update on their first entry in the mobile application market, Miitomo, which we have not seen since it’s unveil in the October fis...


Pokemon GO! Coming to Smartphones Next Year

Pokemon games on smartphones isn’t exactly unheard of these days with three spin-off games Pokemon TCG Online, Camp Pokemon and Pokemon Shuffle already available alongside a number of other apps that focus on the franchis...

Praise the Overseer; Fallout Shelter for iOS Review.

Bethesda are known for creating incredibly addictive titles, and their new iOS offering Fallout Shelter has yet to prove to me otherwise.

Squirrels With Hammers interview

We talk to Scott, half of the duo behind Squirrels With Hammers, about their new mobile puzzle game Encircle and what updating a game from the past for the modern gamer is like.