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Halo: Reach on PC is a welcome shot of nostalgia that still holds up

The vanguard for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC has finally arrived, as Halo: Reach starts the slow roll-out of the Halo series, some of which are seeing a PC release for the first time. While there aren’t firm r...

Halo Xbox One S console bundles inbound

Microsoft has announced via a press release that they will be releasing two Halo Xbox One S console bundles on August 23 this year. Dubbed the Xbox One S Halo Collection Bundle, the pack will contain a white Xbox One S console,...

1TB Xbox One and New Controller Revealed

Overnight Microsoft has announced that a new 1TB Xbox One console is coming to Australia. The new console will not come with the Kinect sensor and will be matte black as opposed to the half-matte, half-glossy black of the curre...