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Halo Infinite Project Scarlett Exclusivity Debunked

Despite the way the ending of the E3 2019 Xbox press conference was presented with Halo Infinite and Project Scarlett revealed as launching together in the holiday season of 2020 (we can’t wait!) 343 Studios were quick to...

E3 2019: Xbox Press Conference Wrap-Up

Join us for the E3 2019 Xbox E3 Press Conference as we live blog our way through the two hour presentation. What’s in store for Xbox this year at E3 2019? Will we get some Halo Infinite or Gears 5 gameplay? What more will...

New Halo Infinite Details Revealed in Mixer Cast

In a surprising 343 Happy Halodays social stream, 343 Industries developers have revealed several new Halo Infinite details. The game, which was announced at E3 2018, has not been shown since and fans have been banging down the...