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God Eater 3 Review – Let’s Go Hunt Monsters.. I Mean Eat Gods!

After years of handheld-first development, the God Eater franchise finally makes its way exclusively to home consoles and PC with God Eater 3. Equip your God Arc weapon and fight your way through hordes of Aragami – monst...

Watch This God Eater 3 Features Trailer to Save Humanity

God Eater 3 is fast approaching, and today BANDAI NAMCO has released a new trailer showing off the God Eater 3 features. The new trailer, which runs for a minute and a half, shows how you can customise your hero, transform your...

Bandai Namco Announces CODE VEIN

Last week Bandai Namco released a teaser trailer for a new game project coming. No specifics were revealed at the time, but the repeated showing of vampires and monsters, along with the hashtag ‘PrepareToDine’ (a si...