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Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer reveals Weezing with a top hat and Team Yell

The Pokemon Company has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield, showcasing a number of new Pokemon, new rivals, the games’ main baddies and… Weezing wearing a top hat? Similar to Poke...

Saving In Pokemon Centres Can Break Pokemon Sun/Moon

UPDATE: It turns out this is a glitch caused by a popular save file hacking tool, and not a bug in the game itself. ORIGINAL STORY: All Pokemon Trainers making their journey through Alola in Pokemon Sun and Moon should stop sav...

Gamefreak Releases Giga Wrecker on Early Access

Suprising gamers around the world, Gamefreak have revealed and released their latest game Giga Wrecker on Steam Early Access. Known for the Pokemon series, you might think that Gamefreak are a Nintendo owned studio, but they ar...