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For Honor Review

For Honor has had a lot to live up to. Described as a “shooter with swords”, the promise of gorgeous visuals and online multiplayer has been wetting gamers’ appetites since it was announced back in 2015. Given the medieval sett...

Ubisoft Announces For Honor Season Pass And Open Beta

Ubisoft have revealed that their upcoming melee-battle game, For Honor, will have a season pass available from launch and have detailed what you will receive as part of it. Along with this, Ubisoft have also announced there wil...

For Honor Closed Beta Content Revealed

Ubisoft have now confirmed what content you will be able to experienceif you are lucky enough to be chosen to participate in For Honor’s closed beta from January 26th to 29th. During the 4 days of the closed beta you will...


Closed Beta And New Heroes Coming To For Honor

Ubisoft have announced that For Honor, the upcoming action game that we tried out at E3 2016, will receive a closed beta in January ahead of its launch in February 2017. The beta will give you the opportunity to play in some br...

For Honor Requires An Internet Connection

An Ubisoft representative has confirmed via a private message on their official forums that For Honor will be an always online experience. This comes despite earlier reports that the campaign would be playable offline and that ...

The Big Guns Are Coming to Ubisoft’s PAX Aus Lineup

Ubisoft has announced their lineup for PAX Australia 2016, and like their previously great support of the event, they will be bringing all of their heavy hitters for you to enjoy. Fans of Watch Dogs will be able to take part in...


Split-Screen Functionality Removed from For Honor

Despite previously referring to the functionality as absolutely essential for the full For Honor experience, Ubisoft have confirmed that they’ve decided to drop split-screen play from their upcoming third-person brawler. During...

For Honor Accolade Trailer Released

Although it’s still a while off from releasing (It’s currently slated for February 17th), Ubisoft have released a trailer showcasing the many accolades that their title For Honor have received so far. Check it out b...

E3 2016: For Honor Preview

For Honor takes the concept of a crossover to a whole new level, creating a hack-and-slash title that lets players throw vikings, samurai and medieval knights against each other in a clash that realistically would never happen ...


E3 2016: For Honor’s Story Campaign

Samurai, Vikings, and Knights! Oh my!