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Far Cry 6 Box Art Leaks, Confirms Xbox Series X Compatibility

Really, at this point, what is there that’s actually left to be announced about Far Cry 6 tomorrow? We’ve had the game’s existence leaked on the PSN Store, we’ve had another CG trailer leak out, and now we’ve had the game’s box...

Evidence Is Pointing To Far Cry 6 Being A Prequel To Far Cry 3

Last week, all we had pointing towards Far Cry 6 were rumours and our own predictions, but two days out from Ubisoft Forward we’ve had a PSN leak reveal the game and Ubisoft followed up with a short teaser confirming the ...

Far Cry 6 Leaked On PlayStation Store – Will Support Free Next-Gen Upgrade

We speculated earlier this week that Far Cry 6 was likely to be announced at the upcoming Ubisoft Forward, and it looks like our prediction was 100% on the money, as the game has just been leaked on the PlayStation Store. Far C...