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New Battlefield 1 Video Showcases the Vehicles Available

A new trailer has been released showcasing the different types of planes and tanks that will be available in DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 1. Featuring brief interviews with the developers, the trailer serves to highlight j...

Battlefield Television Series In The Works

A new Battlefield might be coming to a screen near you and not in the way you’d expect. EA has just announced that Paramount Television and Anonymous Content have optioned the rights to the series with plans to turn the multi-m...

E3 2016: FIFA 17 Story Mode Announced

EA Sports announced at their E3 2016 press conference that the latest edition of FIFA will feature a story mode titled “FIFA 17 – The Journey“. Unlike many sports game story modes that allow users to create th...


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review

Tim gets slaps on some cool running shoes and gets ready to traverse the long-awaited sequel to Mirror's Edge.

Staff Roundtable: E3 2016 Predictions

It’s the insane time of year again when the entire world goes crazy for a week as everyone slugs it out in a battle to get you interested in their games and win E3. This year, we wanted to take a step and have a think abo...
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EA Sports UFC 2 Review

With the ever-growing popularity of UFC pay-per-views across the world, it was only a matter of time before EA announced a follow up to EA Sports UFC. The original UFC game was seen as a solid base to work from, but showed enou...


Unravel Review

Martin Sahlin’s presentation of Unravel at E3 last year was one of the highlights of the event. It was pretty clear that he was really happy to finally be able to talk about the game he and his team at Coldwood Interactive had ...

Star Wars Battlefront ‘Fighter Squadron’ mode announced

EA and DICE have revealed a new mode for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront. Fighter Squadron is an air-vehicle only exclusive mode that pits classic Star Wars spaceships against each other. Players can expect to pilot X-Wings,...

Star Wars Battlefront Preview – E3 2015

DICE working on Battlefront is a dream come true for all Star Wars fans. The masters of the Battlefield franchise are the perfect development home for massive Star Wars battles. After braving a line of eager fans, we were able ...


Need for Speed Reboot Announced

EA has announced that Ghost Games latest entry in the Need for Speed franchise will be a full reboot of the series. Unveiled with a CGI trailer filled with beats and cars reminiscent of Need for Speed Underground, it looks like...