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DiRT Rally 2.0 Announcement Trailer & Release Date!

CODEMASTERS has today announced the sequel to the hugely popular DiRT Rally. The DiRT Rally 2.0 announcement comes with a gorgeous trailer and release date, and pre-ordering is now available. DiRT Rally 2.0 returns to six iconi...

F1 2017 Review

The Formula 1 brand is one of the most prestigious sporting brands on the planet. It brings big sponsors and partners like Rolex, Heineken and Swisse, and the drivers get paid their due diligence for the risks and skills involv...

DiRT 4 Review

Sometimes I feel like my life synchronizes with video games. I guess you could say it’s happened more often in the past 12 months, particularly with racing games. When Forza Horizon 3 launched, I was busy cruising the roads of ...


Dirt Rally PS4 VR Arrives

Codemasters has today made available for download a Dirt Rally PS4 VR update, allowing players to use their PlayStation VR headset throughout the entirety of Dirt Rally. The update brings a new co-driver mode, allowing a friend...
Xbox One

Dirt Rally Xbox One Review

Tim straps into an old Audi Quattro and tears up the European countryside in Codemasters' latest bash at a rally game.

DiRT Rally – Console Preview

DiRT Rally has already made a pretty big splash on PC, via Steam’s Early Access program, but it’s the console release that should really be getting rally fans revving up their engines. From Codemasters, the developers of the Di...