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Blizzard Announced Diablo IV, But Don’t Expect It Anytime Soon

There have been some rumours floating around for the last couple of weeks that Blizzard were planning to announce Diablo IV at Blizzcon this year. Similar rumours abounded last year, before an announcement was reportedly pulled...

Blizzcon 2018: Diablo Immortal Announced For Mobile Phones

Before Blizzcon 2018 even begun, we knew that something new was coming to the Diablo franchise. Given the top-billing in the schedule, the “Diablo: What’s Next?” panel was always going to introduce something n...

Diablo remake in Diablo 3 – Glorious Retrovision

Today at Blizzcon, Blizzard announced they are creating a Diablo remake in Diablo 3. What does this mean exactly? A 16-level deep dungeon with four of the main bosses from the original Diablo. They stated they are ensuring play...