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Destruction Allstars Delayed To 2021

We’re now just over two weeks away from the launch of the PS5 on November 12th. At this point in time you would expect that launch lineups are largely set in stone, with games likely being gold and already printed. That hasn’t ...

Here’s Everything You Need To Know For The Aussie PS5 Launch

After months of wait, PlayStation has finally given us what we’ve been waiting to know about the PS5 and its launch. We’ve got a release date, a price, a slate of first party PS5 launch games and more. It really is ...

Amazon Australia Looks To Be Gearing Up For PS5 Game Preorders

With a new generation of consoles comes a brand new slew of games to pick up and a whole load of uncertainty. There’s been more uncertainty than ever this time around, as we’ve rolled our way through a global pandem...