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Gamescom 2018: Dark Souls Remastered Runs Smooth on Switch

The concept of a portable version of Dark Souls should be enough to instantly sell any fan on the idea of Dark Souls Remastered on Switch, and at Gamescom I had a short session with the current build in handheld mode to check i...
Xbox One

Dark Souls Remastered Review

Dark Souls Remastered is Dark Souls but it runs at a smooth frame-rate now on consoles. There you go – that’s your review. And honestly, that should be enough to know for most people. 2011’s Dark Souls was one...

Dark Souls Remastered announced

Bandai Namco has announced Dark Souls Remastered will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, PC and, surprisingly, the Nintendo Switch. The game is being handled by original developer From Software, and will feature improved textures ...