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Dark Souls III: The Ringed City Preview

Dark Souls III was one of last year’s best games, and like the rest of its series’ ilk, it has enjoyed some substantial post-release content. First came the DLC Ashes of Ariandel late last year, and now April will b...

Daily Gaming News – January 25, 2017

All the gaming news for today, in back-for-2017 video form!

Rocket Chainsaw’s 2016 Game of the Year Awards

We’ve come to end of the year and what a year it was overall! While 2016 may have seen celebrities dropping like flies, in gaming there were a multitude of incredible experiences that released during the year. We watched Nathan...


Daily Gaming News – May 17, 2016

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Daily Gaming News – May 12, 2016

All the Gaming News for May 12, 2016 in handy video form.

Dark Souls III Review

Bloodborne was what sold me on Hidetaka Miyazaki’s gameplay design. I’d had Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls sitting on the shelf for a while, having started them once or twice but never really progressing very fa...