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Australia At War In New Civilization VI DLC

They may take our lives, but they will never take our VB. Thanks to the latest DLC from Firaxis Games, Australia finally makes an appearance on the world stage as a playable race in Civilization VI. Led by World War 2 era Prime...

Rocket Chainsaw’s 2016 Game of the Year Awards

We’ve come to end of the year and what a year it was overall! While 2016 may have seen celebrities dropping like flies, in gaming there were a multitude of incredible experiences that released during the year. We watched Nathan...

Civilization VI Review

Tim wants you all to know that the words of this review are now backed by NUCLEAR WEAPONS.


E3 2016: Civilization VI Preview

The announcement of Civilization VI earlier this year came as a nice surprise for fans of the legendary strategy series. It’s hard to imagine just how Firaxis could improve on its predecessor, the fantastic Civilization V, but ...

Daily Gaming News – May 12, 2016

All the Gaming News for May 12, 2016 in handy video form.

Civilization VI Announced

In a surprisingly fast turnaround Firaxis have announced that Civilization VI will be coming to stores this year, only 8 months after releasing XCOM 2. Along with the world conquering formula of past Civilization games, there w...