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Destiny to introduce microtransactions

With the recent launch of The Taken King behind it, Bungie have announced the next big thing for their MMO shooter Destiny, and that big thing is… microtransactions. The announcement explains that the new system will be i...
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Destiny: The Taken King Review

It’s been a long time since Destiny was first announced by Bungie back in February 2013. Their first new IP since Halo was released in 2001, when the announcement of the new Sci-Fi shooter sent shockwaves through the gami...

Destiny’s Next Expansion Leaked Online

Kotaku has acquired marketing material which reveals details about Destiny‘s next expansion. In the Kotaku article, it states that the new expansion is called The Taken King, and is scheduled to be released on September 1...


Destiny Alpha Preview

One of the most anticipated games of the year gets an alpha test on the PS4. Is it shaping up to be the game it promises to be? Tim dives into Bungie's latest.