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Cliffy B Consciously Uncouples from Game Development

In a move that has surprised few, Boss Key Productions has today announced it is shutting down after four years of developing games. Boss Key was founded by Gears of War creator Cliffy B (Cliff Bleszinski) and Arjan Brussee (Gu...

LawBreakers Free to Play Weekend Starts Now

Cliffy B’s LawBreakers continues on its stride to gaining some share in the saturated online shooter market, and this weekend players will get the chance to try it out for free with an official LawBreakers Free to Play we...

E3 2017: Lawbreakers Hands-On

It’s been just over a year since Blizzard reinvigorated class-based shooters with Overwatch, drawing enormous numbers of new players to the genre and immediately securingĀ a huge portion of that expanded player base in the...