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New BioShock Game Under Development By New Studio at 2K

BioShock Infinite launched six years ago to critical acclaim and fans have been eagerly anticipating a new BioShock game only to be given tiny details over the years about an out-of-house studio Certain Affinity possibly making...

Close to the Sun Review

Nikola Tesla’s inventions, all realised and allowed to dominate the world. A mysterious, giant ship adrift in international waters. Experiments with the ‘one electron’ theory making time ‘bleed’. C...

Checkout the BioShock remaster comparison trailer

2K Games has released a new trailer for BioShock: The Collection. The trailer compares the original BioShock with the remaster that’s in the collection, showcasing improved lighting, sharper visuals, new art assets and a ...


Bioshock for iOS Delisted from App Store

Following compatibility problems encountered with iOS version 8.4, 2K Games have made the decision to fully remove Bioshock from the iOS App Store just over 1 year after its release. Unlike on other digital stores where you wou...

Irrational Games Shuts Down: Our Assessment

Irrational Games is no more. But what of the future? We provide our assessment of the situation, and what's next.