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E3 2017 Hands-On: Star Wars Battlefront II

There were plenty of titles to come out of today’s EA Play event, from big names like Need for Speed Payback to surprises like A Way Out. One look at the FanFest floor at the Hollywood Palladium would be enough to tell yo...

Star Wars: Battlefront Review

We boldly go where no review has gone before. Wait a minute...

Five Things To Do In Star Wars Battlefront

With Star Wars Battlefront launching in just a few days, we’re taking the opportunity to briefly list some of the game’s best features and some addition elements to we aware of before donning your stormtrooper armou...


Star Wars Battlefront Preview – E3 2015

DICE working on Battlefront is a dream come true for all Star Wars fans. The masters of the Battlefield franchise are the perfect development home for massive Star Wars battles. After braving a line of eager fans, we were able ...

Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay E3 2015 – Sony Conference Recap

Want another helping of the Star Wars Battlefront? Well here it is!