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More Dino News With Ark Park Release Date

Back in July 2017, Rocket Chainsaw covered the official reveal of Ark Park, a Jurassic themed virtual reality game set in the world and engine of Ark: Survival Evolved. We can now confirm that Ark Park will launch on March 22, ...

New GeForce Destiny 2 Game Ready Driver Gets You Ready for the Beta (Updated)

nVidia has today released a new game ready driver which will optimise your GeForce Destiny 2 performance just in time for the upcoming Destiny 2 Open Beta. Geforce Destiny 2 Game Ready Driver 385.41 is now available to download...

Ark Park Coming to VR

ARK Park was announced a few months ago, but nothing much has been seen from the upcoming Jurassic themed VR game running off the ARK: Survival Evolved game engine, until now. ARK: Survival Evolved originally launched in June 2...