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Vantage is the newest Legend to join Apex Legends: Hunted

Already showcased in a cinematic launch trailer, Vantage is joining the roster of Apex Legends as the new character included in the Hunted Season 14 update. We were able to see a short preview of Vantage as part of a media prev...

Apex Legends: Hunted brings map changes, ‘spicy’ balance updates and more

Season 14, dubbed ‘Hunted’ for Apex Legends, brings a score of changes to the game, focused on bringing creative solutions to improving player experience. At a special media preview session, we were able to see some of the chan...

Apex Legends Review

I haven’t been shy about my love of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Titanfall 2 in the past, but if you had tried to tell me that I would be playing a mashup of the two in 2019, I’d have laughed at you. But here we are in 2019...