Syndrome Announced

October 1, 2015

Camel 101, best known for the 2011 PC game Orczz, and Bigmoon Entertainment have unveiled their latest game today, Syndrome.

Syndrome, a first person survival horror game, aims to take the genre back to its roots and move away from the action styled horror games of recent times. You wake within the dark confines of a spaceship after a cryosleep and discover that the rest of the crew has disappeared. In scenes reminiscent of many horror movies, you quickly find that many have died and the few that have survived have been ‘changed’.

Syndrome is billed as a balancing act, ammo is scarce and you won’t have enough to take on every enemy you see, so you need to observe them and decide who to hide from and who to kill. You will need to explore the ship to discover what has happened, but don’t be too loud or you will bring the wrath of your enemies down upon yourself.

Syndrome will be released in Q2 of 2016 for Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One, with Oculus Rift support thrown in as well.