Super Mario Odyssey Makes Its Way Onto iTunes

October 22, 2017

With just a few days to go, Super Mario Odyssey is about to make waves across the gaming world providing what looks to be a stunning AAA title for the Nintendo Switch’s 2017 holiday season. We’ve seen plenty of advertising this time around, with events across cities including Mario having a Nintendo Switch booth set up outside the MCG for the AFL Grand Final week, and now the game’s soundtrack can be purchased on iTunes.

By following this link, you can purchase the Super Mario Odyssey theme song “Jump Up, Super Star!” for $1.29USD from the iTunes store. The song was first revealed in the E3 2017 Nintendo Press Conference when they showed off new features of the game.

The song which is written by The Super Mario Players, featuring Kate Higgins comes off as a little cheesy, but will definitely be catchy and one to remember as you listen to it every time you launch the game.

Kate Higgins also plays the voice of Pauline in Super Mario Odyssey, a character which has popped up in various Mario and Donkey Kong titles as a damsel in distress. She was in fact the original damsel in distress in the original Donkey Kong game. She has also worked on dozens of other video games including Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Ninja Gaiden and League of Legends just to name a few.

Super Mario Odyssey is an exclusive Nintendo Switch game, and will launch on October 27, 2017.

If you want to listen and watch before you buy, you can head to the official Nintendo Youtube channel to see the music video for the new theme song, or simply watch the video below: