Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin set for 18 March 2022

October 6, 2021

One of the bigger reveals at the Tokyo Game Show this weekend included more detail on Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, the bizarre action-centric new instalment in the Final Fantasy series, now targeting a March 18, 2022 launch.

The game has release a second trial version, which players can check out on the PlayStation Store for PS5 and on the Microsoft Store for Xbox Series X|S. The developers spoke about how they have studied the feedback from the first demo released earlier this year, and have responded to that to improve the game. The big improvements detailed by the team include:

  • Graphical Improvements – The team expressed their commitment to polishing and improving visuals ahead of release. Initial visual improvements are implemented in the currently available TRIAL VERSION 2.
  • Dynamic Lighting – Gameplay footage shown during the broadcast highlighted the use of dynamic lighting, which will provide a more realistic and immersive gameplay experience in areas throughout the game.
  • Combat Balancing – Adjustments to the ‘Lightbringer’ ability and tweaks to allies’ break gauge and MP recovery speeds are a few of the improvements implemented into TRIAL VERSION 2 to help create an exciting, high-risk high-reward battle system.
  • Difficulty Level Adjustments – Players will be able to select from various difficulty levels which can suit their preferred playstyle: ‘Story’ for a more casual play experience, ‘Action’ for action-oriented gameplay, and ‘Hard” for those seeking a true challenge.
  • AI Improvements – In addition to general improvements in AI combat for Jack’s allies, players can customize their teammates jobs, equipment and abilities, and can also utilize the ‘Resonance’ feature to boost the combat prowess of allies temporarily in battle.
  • Framerate Improvements and 4K Rendering

You can check out the whole stream for yourself, which features more than a surprising amount of smooth jazz performances, on their official YouTube Channel, and see some cool new key art below.