Snow Spray Improvements And Other Changes in Steep Summer Update

June 12, 2018

Just because E3 2018 is on and Ubisoft’s plate just got a whole lot larger, doesn’t mean existing Ubisoft games can’t get a bit of love and fan appreciation, and that’s exactly what Ubisoft has done today with the release of the Steep Summer Update.

This free update includes a bunch of new features such as a Photo Mode feature (we’re surprised it took this long), an activity log to assist you with what to do next, a revamped Live Activities menu, and some highly requested snow spray effects improvements.

The new photo mode is being launched alongside a contest where Ubisoft will pick the best photo they can find each day and reward the player with a free GoPro Hero6 Camera, so make sure you’re hitting the slopes and don’t be afraid to share your photos with us through social media too!

Check out the full Steep Summer Update patch notes after the quite literal drop:

Steep Summer Update Drop

Official Steep  Summer Update Patch Notes:

  • A Photo Mode feature
    The Photo Mode allows you to capture in-game shots of beautiful landscapes and/or epic rides – and share it with the rest of the Community – Plus, to celebrate E3, we’re launching a Photo Mode contest! Check it now!
  • The Activity log
    This new feature guides you to your next challenge or activity based on the ones you previously achieved.
  • Live activities 2.0
    We completely revamped the live page to provide you with more visibility on your past progression and what you still need to achieve via the Live page + Ubisoft challenges as part of the game.
  • Snow spray effect improvements
    We’ve heard you! We worked hard on improving our Snow spray effect and it looks now better than ever 🙂

Steep launched on 2 December 2016 and has received several updates including a bunch of DLC packs included in the Season Pass, and then a Road to the Olympics update one year after launch which added the beautiful slopes of Japan to the game. Steep now includes Alaska, The Alps and Japan to explore.

Rocket Chainsaw has been covering Steep since its beta in November 2016, and the game is now available on Windows PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms with a Nintendo Switch version still in the works.