State of Play Announced For August 7

August 4, 2020

Everyone is on the edge of their seats right now, waiting for any and every morsel for next-generation gaming news they can get their hands on. We’ve seen the PlayStation 5 controller, we’ve seen a bunch of games and we have its tech specs, but we’re still waiting on its price and release date. The announcement of a State of Play happening on August 7 initially got our hopes up, until the details of what to expect were confirmed by Sony.

The State of Play occurring on August 7 will seemingly only have a minimal focus on the PlayStation 5, instead focusing in on a few other things. The first of those is a focus on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games. We expect those will likely be third party games, with PlayStation not expected to have any big games left for the platform.

From there, we will also get a small look at some of the previously announced third party and indie titles coming to the PlayStation 5. The announcement of the State of Play stresses that there wouldn’t be any big PlayStation 5 announcements, so don’t expect much here. It seems like any further details on the console (such as the price, launch line up and any further games) will come a little later on.

Want to get your fix of PlayStation news at the State of Play on August 7? Tune in at 6:00 AM AEST at PlayStation’s official Twitch or YouTube channel.