Star Fox Zero dated, detailed

March 4, 2016

Nintendo has announced the release date and new details for Star Fox Zero during their latest Nintendo Direct presentation.

Star Fox Zero will be released on the Wii U on April 23rd in Australia. The game will feature the return of Team Star Wolf and Kat from Lylat Wars. As previously announced there will be multiple paths for players to discover, some of which will require switching to land-walker mode or flying through portals which warp you across the map. Once again, Venom is the final planet and Andross is the final boss. There is also a two-player mode where one player pilots the arwing using a Pro Controller, and the other controls the shooting with the Wii U Gamepad. Players who scan a Fox amiibo on the GamePad will unlock the original SNES Star Fox title.

Star Fox Zero will be come with an additional pack-in game called Star Fox Guard. This has evolved from the Project Guard┬átitle that Miyamoto revealed during E3 2014. In Star Fox Guard, Slippy’s uncle Grippy is trying to collect rare metals but is constantly attacked by enemies. Using Slippy’s new invention, players must set up 12 cameras to aim at and attack enemies. Players will be able to create their own levels and upload them online for others to play. The single player mode will consist of approx. 100 levels. Star Fox Guard will also be released seperately on the Nintendo e-Shop on April 23rd.

Star Fox Zero will have a special first print edition which includes physical copies of both Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard, and a a steel case. After the first print, copies will contain a download code for Star Fox Guard.