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Staff Roundtable: E3 2016 Predictions

It’s the insane time of year again when the entire world goes crazy for a week as everyone slugs it out in a battle to get you interested in their games and win E3. This year, we wanted to take a step and have a think about what we think might get shown at E3 2016. Feel free to let us know of your own predictions, and if you think our E3 2016 predictions are completely wrong.


Adam Ghiggino:

My prediction is that I’ll be able to have four vodka gimlets at the first e3 party before passing out

Andrew Cathie:

I’m going to start with a prediction that leaves me a little sad, and that is that we will not see Red Dead 3 at E3 2016. I have no doubt that it’s in development, and likely close to the finish line, but I think Rockstar are going to hold off on revealing it until they can have the spotlight solely on themselves.

My big prediction this year is that I think we’re going to see the future of EA’s Star Wars line up during their press conference. They’ve confirmed that they will be showing multiple games slated for 2018, and I expect these will be teasers and concepts for the Star Wars games coming from Visceral Games, Bioware and Respawn.

For Sony, I’m predicting that they have indeed licensed the Crash Bandicoot IP from Activision. This will explain the teasers we are seeing, including a possible leak that Crash will be back in a PlayStation exclusive bundle for Skylanders Imaginators, and also still gels with Sony’s comments that Activision still own the IP. I also think that we may see something new from the Wild Arms franchise at E3, as I personally believe something is in development for the 20th anniversary this year, however this may be more likely at Tokyo Game Show.

From Microsoft, we already know that we’ll see more of the games announced last year like Sea of Thieves and Recore, but I think we may also see something new from Mistwalker. Sakaguchi said earlier in the year that he had a new larger scale game in development, and I believe that Phil Spencer may have gone back to him after seeing how many fans have requested that Lost Odyssey come to Xbox One backwards compatibility.

For completely stupid things that probably won’t happen? With all the hype surrounding Sony’s press conference, and the rumours that it is going to be Dreams 2.0, I have to think they have something absolutely gigantic to show. The only thing I can think of that is that big? Half-Life 3.


Joseph Rositano:

I believe this year’s E3 will see a huge focus on VR and upgraded console hardware. Sony have already confirmed they’re set to launch the PlayStation VR this October, and so E3 will be the opportune moment for them to show off the tech and (hopefully) announce new titles that will take advantage of the hardware. Rumours doing the rounds also suggest Microsoft will announce either HoloLens or Oculus for Xbox One. Based on their lack of announcements up until now, I’m going to predict Microsoft will announce Xbox One VR support for 2017. We’ll also see an emphasis on the “PS4.5” and “Xbox One, Two”, with both companies showing the new power of the systems and announcing new games which take advantage of the upgraded specs.

It’s been rumoured God of War 4 will be up Sony’s sleeve, and I believe Microsoft’s Forza franchise will make use of their redesigned console. The media is going to give poor Nintendo a hard time. Zelda Wii U will be awesome, but the lack of an NX reveal will leave a sour note in the hearts of fans everywhere… Until a few months later when the system is finally revealed! I will be surprised if I don’t see the age old “Nintendo is dead” debate rise up in the aftermath of E3. Rare will show more detailed gameplay of Sea of Thieves. All questions and prods for a new Banjo game will be swiftly ignored. But at least we have Yooka-Laylee, which will be the underdog of the show. This year’s E3 will also be slightly disappointing. There won’t be many surprises and most announcements will be based on games that have either leaked or were already formally announced. We can expect a lot of “first gameplay” trailers.

Sean Warhurst:

I’m hoping to see an announcement for a Bloodborne sequel; with Miyazaki apparently moving away from the Souls series, Sony would be mad not to have snapped him up to capitalise upon their best exclusive current gen IP. I’m also guessing that there will be a new God of War reveal, especially as the third title was recently remastered for the PS4, as well as possibly a Suicide Squad game from Warner Montreal to coincide with the film release, as they’re apparently currently working on an unannounced title and, with their experience with the Batman License, it’d make perfect sense. Lastly, I’m calling it now – Red Dead Redemption will be getting a remastered edition rather than the expected sequel that everyone has been clamouring for. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, as I’d love a fully-fledged follow up to the game that takes advantage of the capabilities of modern consoles but the cynic in me thinks that this is unlikely, at least for this year… Prove me wrong, Rockstar. Prove me wrong.



Predicting E3 announcements is a mug’s game at the best of times, especially with all the pre-E3 announcements already out there. With that in mind, I’ve decided to go with a ‘what I’d like to see’ approach, but keeping things realistic (although, after Shenmue III got announced last year, anything is possible.)

EA: I’d like to see some DLC for Mirror’s Edge, which I think has been undeservedly panned, and which, with a bit of extra content to flesh it out, could definitely end up being a solid title. I’d also like to see more things like Unravel, which is a wonderful title that EA badly needs to make more of.

Bethesda: Here, I’m hoping the rumours end up being true and we actually get a remaster of Skyrim. I’ve been itching to dive back into that game for a while, and a major update of it would be a good time to begin. I’ll also be interested to see what’s next for Elder Scrolls Online.

Microsoft: A new XBox One model seems like a pretty safe bet from Microsoft this year, and I’d expect, at the least, to see a redesign of the current hardware, if not the upgraded version that’s been on the rumour mill for a while now. I’m also hoping for some news on Microsoft’s plans for VR, something they’re desperately lagging behind in.

PC Gaming Show: Last year’s PC Gaming Show was a surprisingly fun highlight of E3, with Sean ‘Day9’ Plott easing into the role of late-night talk show host easily (Chris Hardwick better watch his back, for sure!). This year, I’d love to see Chris Rogers come out and showcase Star Citizen, and, oh, I don’t know… Maybe Gabe Newell will announce Half-Life 3?

Ubisoft: My absolute sure thing for Ubi is that Aisha Tyler will once again rock the house. I’m personally hoping we’ll see more of those not-quite-indie titles that Ubisoft loves so much (Child of Light, Valiant Hearts), and what’s coming for the actually-quite-good The Division. But my big prediction is that the traditional big-reveal-at-the-end-of-the-Ubisoft-presser for this year will be Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Sony: Oh gods, Sony. Last year’s Sony presser was pretty much the most complete and total owning of an E3 since the year they announced the original Playstation’s price. The Last Guardian, Horizon, Final Fantasy VII Remaster and Shenmue freakin’ III? How do you even top that? We’ll definitely get a good idea of what’s cooking for Playstation VR, as well as more info on Last Guardian and, I suspect, the just-announced Final Fantasy XII remaster (Square Enix seem to be remastering all the things at the moment). My out-of-left-field prediction, though? A sequel to Bloodborne.

Nintendo: I was ready to dismiss Nintendo with a glib ‘no NX, no care’, but honestly I’m actually really hoping to see actual information on the new Zelda title. In my head, the promise of it being an open-world game makes me hope for a Nintendo-ised version of The Witcher 3 (and by the gods if it turns out to be that then Nintendo will win E3 forever), but I suspect that, at best, it’ll be more like Nintendo’s take on Skyrim. Of course, that’s no bad thing, and I have to admit that, despite my ambivalence towards the series since Ocarina of Time, I am genuinely excited to see what the new game looks like. As for the fact that they have said they’ll talk about other games? Just shut up and talk about the NX instead.


Zachary Clarke:

This year at E3 we are going to see the announcement of the game to end all games. That’s right, Warner Brothers, 2K, Square Enix and Tales of Games are partnering up to create the sequel to the much anticipated sequel The Magical Realms of Tír na nÓg: Escape from Necron 7 – Revenge of Cuchulainn: The Official Game of the Movie – Chapter 2 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa, titled The Magical Realms of Tír na nÓg: Escape from Necron 7 – Revenge of Cuchulainn: The Official Game of the Movie – Chapter 3 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa – This time actually Officially Licensed. The game will be exclusive for VR allowing the player to become Charles Barkley and take on every NBA player in history as well as the entire cast from Looney Tunes and Final Fantasy. This will be the game to end all games. Come on and slam and put it to the jam.


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