Adam Ghiggino

Owner, Executive Editor of Rocket Chainsaw. I also edit TV, films and make average pancakes.

Alex Mann

Alex is a man. Well, he's a Dragon man... or maybe he's just a Dragon? But he's still Alex, and the only thing we can be 100% sure about is that he reviews games.

Andrew Cathie

Rocket Chainsaw's premier Fantasy-loving Editor. I basically play anything and everything that looks like it could be fun or interesting.


While not scouring the galaxy, Anthony is Editor and PR machine of Rocket Chainsaw.

Bev Chen

I like exploring the bizarre side of video games and enjoy a good scare from them too. And despite pretending that I hate video games sometimes, I don't. Really. Connect with me on Google+.


A full-time teacher who occasionally gets to stitch some words together during school holidays. Can also be found digging through old vinyl records like a total hipster... minus the beard.

Cody Giunta

I consider myself a person who plays games, savors them to their full and only then will put finger to keyboard and write about them. I'm also a big reader of everything from the fiction of Stephen King and Flann O'Brien to biographies and books on modern history. I am also deeply into my fitness and somewhere among all of these things I also have a full-time job.

Daniel Kizana


David Latham

David has a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) from a Go8 university but only uses his unique set of skills writing for passion. By day he's a stay-at-home father of two, by night he responds to the Bat-Signal. Where does he find the time?

Denny Markovic

Community Manager/Terrorist of the Rocket Chainsaw forums and helped put the site together along with the other ragtag soldiers of old. He'll sometimes write a review here and there expressing his opinion, though usually you'll see him complaining on the forums about FPS games not being like Quake III. He will also handle all your enquiries/issues with the forum and is more than happy to help.

James Varoutsos

If he can shoot it, explode it, or burn it James probably enjoys playing it. We still don't have any idea what 'it' is and we're honestly too afraid to ask.

Jarrod Mawson

I like video games. I also like being an editor and writer fo Rocket Chainsaw. I don't like mashed potato.

Jeremy Jastrzab

Jeremy is the former executive editor of PALGN, and freelance journalist.

Joseph Rositano

While Joseph's main hobby has always centered around video games, he's also taken an interest in movies, musicals and traveling around the world. No one quite knows what Joseph's true motivations are, but rest assured he is always planning his next grand adventure!

Maddy O'Connor

Hi everyone, I'm the newest member and the only female. :) My work here is currently for uni, studying a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing. My main platform for game play is PS4 with Tomb Raider, Dishonored, Harry Potter (HP) and Crash Bandicoot being some favourites.

Matthew Dawe

Matt was originally reared on Nintendo's earliest consoles, but has since immersed himself with games across all platforms and genres. While it would not be unusual for him to complete 40+ games in a standard year, Matt’s favourite experiences are typically tailored to open-world sandboxes and third person action games. In 2012, Matt completed a Bachelor of Journalism and Communications degree at the University of Queensland, before joining RC the following year.

Michael Kontoudis

Michael is a mild-mannered lawyer by day and a super-powered game critic by night. He enjoys cups of strong green tea and has a particular interest in the storytelling potential of video games. Michael can be followed on twitter @MK_Lawyer

Sammii Lea

Avid lover of tea, video games, red heads, cuddles, bacon, anime and cats. Ex-retail gaming extraordinaire, current fitness student, and future famous internet personality. Probably. Probably not.

Sean Warhurst

Avid gamer. Cinephile. Considerate lover. Neither the word Protractor or Contractor accurately conveys my position on how I feel about Tractors.

Tim Norman

Raised in the arcades of the 1990s, Tim believes that if you're not playing for score, then you're not playing.

Zachary Clarke

Zach is a unabashed Nintendo fanatic, however that doesn't mean he doesn't partake in the forbidden fruits of Playstation & Xbox consoles... he even plays on PC from time to time. Zach has dabbled in the video game industry in a number of ways over the past few years, from writting content for Gonintendo & Another Castle, to running the Society for Electronic Entertainment at the University of Melbourne. There is nothing more he loves than getting together, either online or offline with a bunch of fellow gamers, to yell at each other until we just want to punch one another in the throat while discussing video games.