Squid Research Lab Presents Splatoon 2 Direct

July 5, 2017

There’s not long left until Splatoon 2 hits a store near you, and beyond a few trailers, we really haven’t seen a big info blow-out like we did for ARMS. Well that’s soon to change, which the Squid Research Lab announcing a Splatoon 2 themed Nintendo Direct is just around the corner.

The Nintendo Direct will provide a refresher on some of the new weapons, features and styles that are coming to Splatoon 2, and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear a bit more about the game’s online lobby system there.

The Squid Research Lab’s Splatoon 2 Direct will air at midnight AEST between July 6 and 7 on the official Nintendo website, ahead of the game’s exclusive release for Nintendo Switch on July 21.