Soul Calibur V costume DLC incoming

March 19, 2012

With character creation being half the fun of Soul Calibur V, it’s no surprise that plenty of DLC for the creator is being released. As reported by Joystiq, we now have a sneak peek of what to expect when we fire up our bandwidth and wallets.

Costumes and other additions can be bought through the in-game ‘Cepheus Store’ and is divided up into categories. Visible in the video are ‘Classic Headgears’, ‘SCV Character Equipment’, ‘Maid Costumes’, ‘Active Wear’, ‘Ancient Armor’ and ‘Modern Costumes’.

But there’s much more to be gleaned from the trailer, such as components to create King from the Tekken series and Pac-Man’s head. All the silliness you’d want from a character creator, but let’s hope there’s enough serious stuff in there to balance it out.

The Cepheus Store is expected to be added in with the system and balance update, which is due on March the 21st. There’s no word on costume pricing yet, but we’ll find out in a couple of days.

[youtube id=”jnnGRMzooRY” width=”600″ height=”350″]