Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Hong Kong Location Revealed

July 7, 2021

Throw all your theories and rumours away, today Kylotonn Games and Xbox have unveiled the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Hong Kong reveal trailer, showcasing many of the unique locations we’ll be racing on around Hong Kong Island in a little over a year’s time.

Our guess was completely wrong in Corsica or Sardinia off the coasts of France and Italy, but fans were also misled into believing the location was Tenerife, a Spanish island off the west coast of Africa which resembles the previous Test Drive Unlimited maps. Kylotonn has now finally revealed the location will be Hong Kong, and it’s looking like we’ll get all kinds of environments to race in.

From off-road beach and mountain circuits to speeding down the highways to navigating the tight neon-lit city streets, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will push your racing skills to the (un)limits.

With Forza Horizon 5 recently revealed to be in sunny Mexico and launching in November 2021, Kylotonn is still keeping the release date of Solar Crown under wraps, though it’s currently looking like a September 2022 release.

For fans worried about how the map might not be as large as previous Test Drive Unlimited games, we can confirm that given the map will be a 1:1 scale of Hong Kong Island, it will be slightly bigger than the Forza Horizon 4 map, but filled with many more roads to get lost on.

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Watch the official Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Hong Kong Reveal Trailer below:


The next step in your Solar Crown adventure starts today. Kylotonn Studios and Nacon Publishing are proud to present the location of Test Drive Unlimited Solar crown as Hong Kong Island!

Navigate the bustling island in glorious 1:1 scale, and be absorbed by the city. Pick your path as either STREET or SHARP and let your personality shine.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is currently expected to launch in Sepember 2022 on Windows PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. For more information, head to the official website.