Snip & Chu available now for iOS

February 28, 2014

Who said the Game & Watch is dead?

Developed by Melbourne based team LCD Makes, Snip & Chu is a retro inspired platformer hell bent on bringing the charm and stylisation of a classic “Game & Watch” to the modern era of portable devices. That means your fancy pants iPad.

Snip & Chu stars protagonists of the same name; Chu, a piece of gum, and Snip, a discarded toenail. Chu’s on a mission to save Snip from the suitably cheesily named RecyKiller. Both characters are based on Shaun Britton’s lovingly drawn 100-page graphic novel of the same name, which is purchasable from the app store here.

snip and chu screen

What makes Snip & Chu unique is its Game & Watch stylisation, which splits your big ol’ iPad screen in two to emulate the dual screen device, and animates gameplay graphics with that cool hard coloured LCD look. It’ll be up to you to guide Chu from the bottom screen all the way up the to the top in order to rescue Snip. Built to challenge with an old school difficulty curve, Snip & Chu also offers players longevity in the form of online leaderboard bragging rights. What’s not to love?

As said, Snip & Chu is available now from the app store. All for a measly $0.99. Give it a look, and a support a local developer. If you’d like to know more, you can check out the official website, as well as watch the Snip & Chu trailer on Vimeo.

snip and chu screen 2