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SimCity BuildIt Regions Update Is Here!

EA and Maxis have today launched the new SimCity BuildIt Regions update which finally gives players more land. The game, which has seen ups and downs since launching four years ago, has been in dire need for more land for a long time with it being the #1 request whenever EA posts something on the SimCity BuildIt social media channels.

Now players can unlock three new SimCity BuildIt regions which each connect to your current city to create a much larger world. The three new regions include a desert, river valley, and a forests/meadows zone and long-time players will be happy to know they have probably already done the necessary work to unlock the first region of their choice.

The new regions will all include their own specific currencies, factories and items so players that have been hoarding items from the original map hoping they can use them when more land will be made available are out of luck.

We’ve got all the information about the new zones after the official SimCity BuildIt Regions trailer:


Unlock new visually stunning maps to expand beyond your city and build a SimCity world. From Limestone Cliffs to Green Valley, exciting places to build with unique specializations await you.

In order to unlock the three new SimCity BuildIt regions, players will need to have completed the following:

1. Region: Capital City Level 25
2. Region: Total Regional Population of 75 000
3. Region: Total Regional Population of 150 000

Considering some players are already level 50+ many will already be able to unlock one of the new SimCity BuildIt regions as soon as the update releases. Players will then have to build their regional population to unlock the two remaining regions. Check out some more official information on the new regions below:

Cactus Canyon

This desert is far from deserted. Build a warm but bustling city for your Sims who are enthusiastic about their vehicles, there is no better setting for a road trip than within this gorgeous canyon!

SimCity BuildIt Regions

Green Valley

The grass IS greener on this side. Build a modern, but eco-friendly city in this lush river valley!

SimCity BuildIt Regions

Limestone Cliffs

These lush green fields and hills are buzzing with the vibrant sounds of summer forests and meadows. Build a city with irresistible combinations of natural beauty, delicious street food, and culture of kinship.

SimCity BuildIt Regions
The SimCity BuildIt Regions update is available now, and if it’s not appearing when you load your game you may need to head to your app store and force an update. For more information, check out this official extensive SimCity BuildIt Regions FAQ.

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