World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Is A Rebirth

November 11, 2020

Shadowlands Coming November

The next WoW expansion is now just two weeks away, and although most of the gaming news is currently focused on the launches of the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5, we can’t forget that one of the most highly anticipated expansions of all time is about to launch. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is a rebirth for the long-running MMORPG that has seen several expansions of mixed quality. While some have been stellar additions to the game, others have left fans feeling bored and the game feeling stale.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is a rebirth that promises to start anew. Players have already started to feel the effects of it with the pre-patch which scaled everyone’s level back to 50. With the expansion’s slight delay, everybody is itching to access the new content, so today we’re taking a deep dive into Shadowlands to discover what exactly we’re going to get when the game launches on November 24.

First, let’s take a look at the new story trailer. It starts with Sylvanas saying, “Nothing is fair,” and ends with, “Nothing escapes The Maw.” Shadowlands looks to be one of the darkest and most powerful expansions of World of Warcraft’s history, testing players across a variety of zones as you once again level your characters to 60.

Watch the official World of Warcraft: Shadowlands story trailer below:


Through the Jailer, Sylvanas Windrunner plans to seize control of fate itself—but at what cost?

Let’s take a look at the new zones in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

First up is Bastion. This colourful zone is filled with ornate spires and ivory forests, sure to light up your screens as you begin your journey in Shadowlands.


Next is Maldraxxus, a much darker zone where the Necrolords wage an eternal war. Here you’ll find two-headed dragons and other ungodly creations. Check it out:


The third zone is known as Ardenweald and is possibly the most beautiful new location in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. With vibes the druidic Moonglade zone but with a twist, the Night Fae will guide you to connect to the wild. Take a look below:


The realm of Revendreth is filled with gothic villages and looming keeps. There are no friends here, and you should expect to find mysterious quests and treasures as you level up here.


Lastly is The Maw. If its name isn’t formidable enough for you, then wait until you see it. This desolate, hopeless land is where the most vile souls are imprisoned forever. Think Hades on steroids. Nothing escapes The Maw.


We also know that newcomers to World of Warcraft will be blessed with an epic experience leveling to 50 ahead of the Shadowlands content. From levels 1 to 10, your character will go on a tour of Azeroth, learning about what has happened thus far. From Ragnaros to N’Zoth, we assume players will learn about the struggles that existing and past players have overcome, and returning players can quickly catch up. From level 10 to 50, the choice is yours. You can play the latest expansion Battle for Azeroth’s content, or you can take a trip back in time with Chromie to tackle earlier expansions. Players have total control over how their characters level up, which we think is pretty cool.

This World of Warcraft: Shadowlands rebirth looks set to shake the game to its core, and it doesn’t stop there. Let’s talk about what happens when you reach level 60. In Shadowlands, you’ll become the hero you’re meant to be. New customisation options including skin tones, facial features, tattoos and more will give you a more unique look than ever before. Preserving the universe is your role in Shadowlands, so you need to make sure that you look your best. It’s time to makeover your main.

Shadowlands Coming November

We know that old content will still be easily conquerable once you surpass level 50. Old dungeons from expansions gone will still be crushable, granting players their sought after transmogs and fulfilments i.e. achievements and mounts. Shadowlands will also introduce an infinite dungeon called Torghast. This Tower of the Damned is an endlessly repeatable dungeon that is never the same as your last visit, and it is both soloable and playable as a group. The further you get in this infinite dungeon, the better the loot. Players that can continue through Torghast will be able to craft the new legendary weapons and armour to help restore the universe in Shadowlands.

Will World of Warcraft: Shadowlands be the rebirth of the long-running MMORPG that gets people to return to the game? There’s so much to explore in this expansion and we are looking forward to bringing you a full review later in the month. From its new eternal city Oribos to Covenants and more, the latest WoW expansion is shaping up to be its best.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands launches on November 24th, 2020. Stay tuned to Rocket Chainsaw for a full review later in the month, and for more information head to the official website.