Shadow Warrior 2 / PAYDAY 2 Crossover Event Underway

February 1, 2017

Flying Wild Hog, Devolver Digital, OVERKILL and Starbreeze have come together to announce a sepcial crossover event for Shadow Warrior 2 and PAYDAY 2. The super-popular FPS’s will bring a combination of items from the other’s realm into their own game world in the free event.

In PAYDAY 2 you will now be able to make use of Lo Wang’s katana, as well as find a range of different demon masks to outfit your criminals with, while in Shadow Warrior 2 you will be able to make use of two weapons from PAYDAY 2 as well as Dallas’s mask.

To commemorate this crossover event, both games are now available in a double pack on Steam for $31.48 USD, equating to a 75% discount off PAYDAY 2 and a 25% discount of Shadow Warrior 2. If you already own one of the two games, you will also receive an additional 10% off their individual sale price.