Posted August 19, 2020 by Andrew Cathie in Feature

Shadow Drops Galore On Switch After Indie World Showcase

After months of inactivity and not a whole lot of news, it feels like Nintendo is finally beginning to open the gates once again. After last month’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, we had an Indie World showcase overnight filled with plenty of indie games shown. With COVID affecting developers across the world, what we’ve noticed is a shortening of time between announcement and release of games. This has included a whole bunch of shadow drops, with six games suddenly releasing on Switch today following the Indie World showcase.

A few of the highlights out of the those shadowdrops are A Short Hike, Spiritfarer and Manifold Garden. PC gamers might recognise A Short Hike as that fantastically chill exploration game that released last year and was quickly picked up as a fantastic experience. A Short Hike is also a console timed exclusive on the Switch, meaning it won’t be releasing anywhere else in the near future. Spiritfarer promises to be another relaxing game, billed as a cosy management game where you help spirits on their journey to the afterlife. Manifold Garden isn’t quite as relaxing, instead trading in mind-bending puzzles and shifts gravity and physics in some interesting ways.

Check out the full list of Switch shadow drops that were announced during the Indie World showcase:

A Short Hike


Manifold Garden

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Takeshi and Hiroshi



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