Second Mini NES Shipment Causes EB Games to Crash Again

November 14, 2016

Another planned sale date for Nintendo’s coveted Nintendo Classic Mini: NES has come and gone as EB Games again underestimated demand and was unable to keep their website up as fans flooded in.

After urging fans to continue refreshing the page and trying for over 20 minutes on Twitter, their website was updated with a message advising that they would were cancelling the planned preorders and would be trying again tomorrow at 12pm AEDT.

Unprecedented demand was sighted as the reason for the catastrophic failure of their website. After the massive demand and crashes during past attempts to preorder the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES website also ended in failure, it can only be assumed that demand has increased even more since the units went on sale on November 10th.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow provides a better experience for everyone looking ro score this year’s number 1 Christmas present. Happy hunting Rocketeers.