Saving In Pokemon Centres Can Break Pokemon Sun/Moon

November 23, 2016

UPDATE: It turns out this is a glitch caused by a popular save file hacking tool, and not a bug in the game itself.

ORIGINAL STORY: All Pokemon Trainers making their journey through Alola in Pokemon Sun and Moon should stop saving their games in Pokemon Centres until after the games have received a patch from developer Gamefreak as there may be a game breaking bug.

This warning comes after a video from user Ray2R surfaced on YouTube showing the game breaking bug. After loading his save game, which happened to be made inside a Pokemon Centre, his player model didn’t load and Rotom Pokedex didn’t load, leaving the game at a standstill.

It’s not known how prevalent this bug is, or even if it’s specifically tied to Pokemon Centres, but we urge players not to save in them at the moment. There is no known workaround at the moment, but we will update you as soon as more information is found.