Saturday Gaming News – 30/11/13

December 1, 2013

  • The PlayStation 4’s launch in Europe has been big hit, and Berlin in particular had some huge crowds making the trip down for the event.
  • Meanwhile, hardcore gamers in Germany literally caused a stampede as they flooded a store, each trying to grab a console. CCTV footage shows the crush, as they sent displays toppling over.
  • Eurogamer have put together a rather extensive look at the PlayStation 4’s launch, which includes an interesting interview with Sony President Andrew House.
  • The amount of interest that fans outside of Japan have taken in Square Enix’s Bravely Default: Flying Fairy has taken the developers by surprise. Taking to their official Twitter account, they expressed their thanks.
  • Guerilla Games have revealed that they’ll be giving gamers a free taste of Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s online multiplayer mode next month. Players will have a full day to have try their hand at it.
  • Sony have released a new ‘First Love’ trailer for Gran Turismo 6, playing with nostalgia.