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Garry Newman’s RUST Early Access Ends Next Month

What was once a pipe dream in the mind of Garry Newman (Yes, Garry from Garry’s Mod) is now an overly-established survival game which has jumped through some of the most astonishing hurdles to reach the end of its early access period.

Although Garry himself has not had much to do with Rust Early Access in the past couple of years, the team at Facepunch has worked tirelessly on weekly updates, adding content and patching bugs and glitches wherever they appear, and now it appears the game is ready to enter the next stage of its journey.

In a blog post made on the official Rust website, Garry Newman said “thanks to all the people that have reported and patiently helped us reproduce bugs. All the people that have made gameplay suggestions, spotted imbalances and expressed their opinions. Thanks to all the people that have reported cheaters, given us access to private cheats or pointed out exploits in our code. Thanks to all the people that have made new skins and gamemodes for the game, allowing other players to enjoy the game even more. Thanks to all the server admins that have spent their money and time to rent and administrate servers for the benefit of other players. Thanks to all the youtubers, streamers and comic makers, who have entertained millions of players outside of the game.” The community, which has changed over time, has been patiently waiting for Rust Early Access to finish, and now Facepunch is ready.

Rust Early Access

When Rust officially launches in February 2018 on Steam, the price will jump from $19.99USD to $34.99USD and Facepunch will be working on large monthly patches instead of the current weekly update. There will however be a “Staging branch” of the game where the developers will be adding content daily, allowing fans of the more experimental kind of game to test out new features in preparation for its monthly update on the stable branch.

A quick history lesson of Rust Early Access, the game had already been in early access for a full year when Facepunch decided to rebuild it from scratch on the newly released Unity engine. This then lead to there being two branches, a Legacy branch and an Experimental which became the game we know today. What was a truly experimental experience with overly dense forests and barely playable combat physics has now become a diverse procedurally generated map of unique biomes, massive monuments, caves and tunnels alike.

Rust Early Access

If you haven’t already tried Rust, you should definitely consider picking it up on Steam before the price goes up on its official launch next month.

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